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Click on the picture of each manufacturer above to view styles of gas log systems available for installation.  You can select the product manufacturer, style and model of the unvented gas logs system that you prefer and order it from Livingston Fireplaces by using our easy online ordering system.  Most customers prefer that we deliver their new gas log system on the date of installation. However, if you prefer, we can have your new gas log system delivered directly to the your address prior to installation. 


What is an Unvented Gas Log System?


Simply stated, an unvented gas log system is a system in which venting to the outside of your home or office is not a requirement necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the system. 


An unvented gas log system is installed into your existing fireplace that has been inspected by our technicians and determined to be in safe and good working condition. 


Since an unvented system does not require venting to the outside, the damper inside your existing fireplace is closed off to prevent escape of heat created by the gas burner in the system. 


Is an Unvented Gas Log System Safe?


Yes.  The blue flame of a vent-free gas fireplace unit is designed to provide virtually complete fuel combustion, resulting in very minimal amounts of by products of combustion such as water, soot and carbon monoxide.  All unvented gas fire log systems are required to be equipped with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS) which automatically turns off the fuel source before carbon monoxide levels can exceed maximum exposure limits.  See Technical Page


Does an Unvented Gas Log System Make the Air Dryer?


No.  As previously stated, small amounts of water, a natural byproduct of combustion, are introduced into the living space which typically assist in raising humidity levels thereby, helping to counteract the "dry air" that results from your central heating system.  In a vented system, this moisture is directed to the outside atmosphere through the fireplace vent.  Executive Summary on Vent Free Products Effects on Relative Humidity in the Living Space


What if I Don't Have an Existing Fireplace?


If your home or office does not have a fireplace, there are numerous styles of unvented gas log and fireplace systems that will be suitable for your home or office.


Some Common Sense Safety Tips.


Since unvented gas log systems generate an appreciable amount of heat, do not place items such as newspaper, cloth, chemicals or any other combustible materials near the heat source.  The glass fireplace doors must be in the full open position during operation of your gas log system.


Never leave your gas logs burning while unattended.  While there is a great temptation to leave your gas log system burning while you are sleeping in an effort to provide extra heat to your home, please be reminded that your unvented gas log system is not intended to replace your central heating system.


In homes or businesses where there are not plenty of open spaces, it's a good idea to open a window slightly while the gas logs are burning in order to allow fresh air to enter the room.  In order to have combustion there are three requirements. (1) Ignition Source (electric starter switch); (2) Fuel Source (natural or propane gas); and (3) Oxygen (air in the room).  The combustion process will gradually utilize the oxygen in the room to continue burning of the gas.  That's why in closed living spaces it's wise to allow plenty of air to enter the area where the gas log system is being operated.


Don't assume that 'bigger is better.' For best air quality, the gas fireplace unit you install should be approved for the size of the room it will be used in.


To ensure that you are taking every precaution to ensure good air quality in the home or business, it's a good idea to install a carbon monoxide detector on each level of the building regardless of what type of gas burning appliance you might have. They are an inexpensive way to put your mind at ease about the air quality inside your home or office.


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