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Click on the picture of each manufacturer above to view styles of electric fireplace systems available for installation.  You can select the product manufacturer, style and model of the electric fireplace system that you prefer and order it from Livingston Fireplaces by using our easy online ordering system.  Most customers prefer that we deliver their new electric fireplace system on the date of installation. However, if you prefer, we can have your new electric fireplace system delivered directly to the your address prior to installation.

What is an Electric Fireplace System?


An Electric Fireplace System is just what its name suggests.  It can be installed in an apartment, townhouse, mobile home, single family home, office,  or most any place that has electricity. 

Instead of having to deal with the issues involved with a wood burning or gas fireplace such as off-gas ventilation, soot, room oxygen depletion or carbon monoxide; some customers choose to install an electric fireplace system.  An electric fireplace system is less involved than a gas or wood burning system and can exist as a free standing wall type unit or be installed as an insert to your existing fireplace hearth. 

For additional information visit this link on electric fireplace systems. 


Is an Electric Fireplace System Safe?


Yes.   Since it runs off of electricity and requires no other fuel source, there are no venting requirements or fumes to worry about.  The only major consideration is the types of circuit breakers that are being used to supply electricity to the outlet that will be use for your fireplace.  Your Livingston Fireplaces representative will advise you if you should change your circuit breaker in order to increase the amperage.  In most cases, your current circuit breakers are within the limits required for operation of an electric fireplace system.


Some Common Sense Safety Tips.


Treat a vented gas fireplace system with the same care and caution as you would for any electrical appliance.


Since all fireplace systems create a certain amount of heat, do not place items such as newspaper, cloth, chemicals or any other combustible materials near the heat source. 


Never leave your electric fireplace system burning while unattended.  While there is a great temptation to leave your electric fireplace system on while you are sleeping in an effort to provide extra heat to your home, please be reminded that your electric fireplace system is not intended to replace your central heating system.

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